Creatures of NYC is a card game that relies on the joys of GACHA, exploration, and collecting. 

The goal was to create a game that can be played both online and offline. By obtaining cards in real life, people can play digitally or in person against their friends.

Machine Mockup
A machine in real life is installed around the city. The
location of the machine will also be randomized on a
monthly basis, forcing the player to go to different locations and explore the city. 

The bottom has two slits, 
one for dispensing cards 
and another to trade in cards.

Machine Prototype

The machine itself is simple like a vending machine. There are two main features, play and trade. When you roll a card, the machine will distribute a physical copy to you as well as create a digital copy in your account. 
For the trade feature, the physical cards you wish to trade must be traded in as well. The machine then reads it, taking it out of the online account as well. 
The card types are pigeons, cockroaches, rats and
the peregrine falcon. While the three creatures have animal specific machines, the falcon is an ultra rare card that has an unknown percentage of rolling on certain machines. Once collected, it can be traded in for Exodia the Peregrine Falcon. 

Machine Prototype Frames

Tourist Card

If the person does not play the game and does not wish to sign up for it, there is a third option of a Tourist Card. It doubles as advertising for the game as well as a souvenir of New York.

Phone App Prototype

In order to prevent people from farming cards, each person is limited to a certain amount of cards a day. Therefore an app and an account is needed. In the corresponding app, there is a function that allows you to scan a QR code to login. 
The app has 4 main features, which is an online player system, a friend's list, a card collection, and a map showing the machine locations. 
Phone App Prototype Screens

Card Front and Back

To excite the collector's heart, the back of the card has the physical location printed as well as the copy of the card printed. For example, if the number is 1 on the back of the card, that means it is the first of its kind to be printed. If it is 3591, then it is the 3951st of its kind to be printed. 

The front has the card cost on top, and then the defense on the left and attack on the right.
Card Illustrations

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