USA's sex education is very conservative, resulting in people having warped views on sex. By educating people, we can normalize talking about sex and make sure people practice safe sex.

App Prototype
The app has an incognito mode
for the sake of privacy. Both the home screen icon, UI, and features will change to reflect this. 

The home screen will erase the course topics. The store will also
no longer be visible if in
incognito mode. 

Your Teachers

Each topic has a teacher
that would teach it. When switching to incognito mode, the teachers will change their appearance to reflect it.

Getting Started
When getting started on
a topic, the teacher first asks to see if there is initial knowledge that
the student may know
or want to know. 

Course Structure
The class is formatted like a conversation. Each fact will show one at a time. If the student understands, the class continues. If they do not, then the teacher will reiterate the points and ask which one needs clarification. 

Once the class is finished,
a quiz is taken. If the
student passes, then they
can continue on. The
student also gains points based on their results.

Completing the Course
Upon completion of the course, the teacher
will tell you as well as
indicate the amount of points received. 

Spending Points
Points can be spent
on Trojan products in the store.
This allows for people to become comfortable with protection early on. In addition, this advertises Trojan products and creates
early brand loyalty. 

If in incognito mode, the products will not appear, and will not let you purchase anything. 
Store Prototype Screens

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